Tuesday, December 21, 2010

YKSNS PaintBall Jungle Park - Promotion!!!

We are now moving to another level in PaintBall War Game. For those who are interested to feel the excitement of real WAR we are now moving to you. YKSNS PaintBall Jungle Park is now on transportation in where customer can choose either to play at your place or you to come to our place. It's all on your decision.
YKSNS PaintBall Jungle Park is located in Kuala Pilah Negeri Sembilan offer you the best price ever for a real WAR Game between you and your friends. The more people come the more discount you will get.

The starting price of a single WAR Game is stated as followed:
100pallets per : RM45 per person
Free usage of:
a. Marker (Gun)
b. Mask
c. Body Protection
d. Unlimited Co2 gas

Just give me a call and say you read this promotion in my blog and I will give you an even better promotion price. 0129723848 - Syahzlan