Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Outcome of the "We Hear, We Obey" Program

As far as today, a lot of positive improvement can be seen in each of the participants. I can see that most of them become more energetic, obey order's, alert with changes, teamwork improvement and most of all everybody learn a lot of knowledge from all of the hardwork and lessons.
I'm quiet happy with the result with more and more religious knowledge given to the participants to help them make better decisions on everyday life that will not against the religious rules.
Organizing and held a program such as this give more opportunities especially to teenagers to gain more knowledge and spent time with more usefull activities rather than wasting their time sitting and doing nothing. Other than that, we can also avoid these teenagers to be involved in unhealthy environment.

Report on Program

This is the design of shirt given to all the participants as main uniform of the program.

These are the other activities that will be held along the "We Hear, We Obey" Program.

Date :23th December 2009

Activity :YKSNS Family Bowling Tournament

Time :12.00pm - 11.30pm

Place :Core Bowl, Seremban Parade

But not only bowling games activity, on the same day we also have presentation for each team on certain topics that will be given earlier. The presentation will took place in Darul Ukhuwah, Seremban.

Date :20th,21th and 22th December 2009

Activity :Diciplins

Time :8.00am - 11.00pm

Place :Kompleks Masjid Tok Muar, Kuala Pilah

On the three days seminar, Sarjan Rosli will be organizing and giving training, lesson, LDK and other relevant programs to build positive personality on each of the participants of "We Hear, We Obey" Program.

Each day pass, more and more interesting activities had been held such as inviting "leaders" from either well known motivators, voluntaries to share knowledge and also their experiences. At night, usually we will have LDK activities to compete among teams and also movie shows.

A few days ago, in the middle of the night, we held a "Searching for Worriors" activity. This activity was held on 2.30am. Not all participants was involved because this activity needs you to be brave enough to bare the risk. The main purpose is for us as human being to not scared to others being and things but only obey and scared to our creator Allah S.W.T. Every participants ware tested to see if they pass the test to proceed to the next level. Only 2 participants passed the test and taken to the nearby graveyard. The quest is to find three white "Kemboja" flowers each who past the test and the result both the participants won and been rewarded the title "worrior" and RM50.00 each.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Working Days With Program

I had been involved completely in the "We Hear, We Obey program held by Yayasan Kasih Sayang Negeri Sembilan. In the program, I'm teaching in an hour English class every weekdays. On weekends i will be organizing some outdoor activities. While in the evening, sometime there will be marching activities to build discipline, teamwork and also obey leader orders. I am the trainer and I teaches the basic of marching to all the program participants.

This program will be held 40days straight in order to build self esteem and also spiritual consent. In these 40days, all participants will have to attend sharp in every "solat" perform in the mosque together. I'm attracted with the words said by YKSNS president which was "Nobody can say that every single thing that we do is either sincere or not. It's GOD job to rate us. But we must work hard for it. We must first use force and let the nature sincere came after that."

Last night, i received order from the president the create an activity by choosing 4 of the participant to present to everyone about themselves. But, there are several extra condition to all the audience, all audience must cooperate to disturbs the presentation without not letting the 4 presenters know about it. The conditions are:

1. For the 1st presenter: We must not listen to the presenter and chit-chat with other friends in the hall when the presenter started to present until the finished present.
2. For the 2nd presenter: Keep quiet and do not make any noise. Do our own jobs such as writing, reading and sleep. Don't listen to the presenter presentation at all.
3. For the 3rd presenter: We must listen to the presentation. But we will interrupt the presentation by asking question and making the presenter to repeat himself. We must make the presenter feel being interrupted by the audience.
4. For the 4th presenter: We must feel uneasy with the presentation. Feel it is the worst presentation ever and we can even throw paper at the presenter showing that we don't like the presentation.

After all 4 presenter had finished with their presentation, we gather them and ask how they feel. They answered that they feel disappointed, sad, angry, hate and all other negative feelings. This shows that every person don't like the feeling that when we are presenting in front of everyone but no one is listening and paying their attention.

Then, we conclude the activity by scolding them. It is to make them realize that all of these attitudes are being showed when all of us instructors and teachers are teaching in front feel. But we still endure it. This activity is to brain wash them and to let them think on themselves about what had they done wrong and the important of we react towards people feeling, not only thinking about selfishness.

The activity seems to have successes. All of the participants feel very sorry towards each other and shame on the behavior that they have showing up until now without realizing it. They had realize their mistake and promised to change. This is the 1st positive improvement that we can see in this program. We wrapped up the activity and having forgiving session between all participants.

I hope there will be lots more of moral value and also improvement to all the participants in the remaining 39days. I'm exciting to see the result of this program. I, myself hope that I can also changed and be a better Muslim and better person in the end of the program.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

"We Hear, We Obey" Program

I'm on my semester break this whole month. This is the only free time that i can get to contribute to Yayasan Kasih Sayang Negeri Sembilan, the charity foundation that i'm in to. For the past few days, i had become the English teacher teaching simple English grammar to all YKSNS hostel citizens which is also the participant for "We Hear, We Obey" Program. It was interesting meeting lots of people. Differ from other people, they are less fortune comparing to other ordinary people. Being with them bring a special joy feeling to me. I really hope that i can share my little knowledge with them. Other than my English class, the program also provide other classes that surely benefits all of the participant.

Classes are only on weekdays, and for weekends, we have outdoor activities such as today activities, i conducted a treasure hunt activity so that their time is not wasted with unappropriated wasting time activity such as sleeping etc. The activity is also to build self confident, improve team work, makes communications and relationship between staff and participants become closer.

Other than that, i'm on a program of bringing all of the participants and staff of YKSNS to a family day program. I'm now working for the activities and also raising fund to make the program more interesting. I'm planning to organize a bowling tournament for all of us and other activities to entertain everybody to relax their body and mind from the tension of work.

Choosing The Right Business At the Right Time

Having our own business is the fastest way for us to generate income. There are wide range of consumer products in the market. Demand from consumers will always increase while the market is lacking resources and supply to overcome those demand. As for that, opportunity is created for business purpose in the market. To create or enter a business, we must first identify the needs and problems in the market. For example in a raining area, of course there are a lot demand for umbrella. Choosing the right products and services in the right market will ensure business growth.

But not only choosing the right business, we must also analyze our ability such as our capital and ability. If we have small capital, don't involve in a high risk business activities. Of course high risk business will have high return rate in term of profit but the risk is also high. It is better for people with lower capital involve with low risk business.

Lastly is the time spent and our own ability (commitment towards the business). If you are a student, you must properly choose the right business activity to involve with because of your time limit and you must have proper time management. You should choose a part-time business as your main priority is to study. But if you are joining business because you are a businessman than it is a totally different things.

For additional information, market segmentation will also help improve your business and lowering your operating cost. Segmenting your customers in the market to suit your products is the best marketing techniques. To have targeted customers will make you save cost from promoting your products to the non-interested customers. Additional services such as after sales consultation and also warranty can improve your business strategy.

Friday, December 4, 2009

What is Business?

Business is normally known as a profit oriented organization. Business is an selling and buying process between consumer and seller in the market.

A business (also called a company, enterprise or firm) is a legally recognized organization designed to provide goods and/or services to consumers. Businesses are predominant in capitalist economies, most being privately owned and formed to earn profit that will increase the wealth of its owners and grow the business itself.

I have my own business which is named YKSNS Inspiration. A lot of opportunity can be created in business including product, profit and also work opportunities. For your information, my business activities include:

1. Catering
2. Selling cloth
3. PA System (indoor and outdoor) Renting
4. HPA promotion (MLM)

For business purpose, profit are our aims. But, differ from any other business, my business profit is not for my own usage. My profit will be transfered to the charity foundation which is Yayasan Kasih Sayang Negeri Sembilan. This is to ensure the foundation have enough capital to run their programs and to enlarge their will to help those in needs people.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

What is Charity?

Charity has a wide range of definition. Different people have different opinion on the definition of charity as charity is build from inside of a person heart.

The general definition of charity are:

1. Generous actions or donations to aid the poor, ill, or helpless.
2. Something given to a person or persons in need

But as i mentioned earlier, different people have their own perception towards charity. For my own experience of charity, charity is:

Any type of donation or contribution that we are giving either man power, time, ideas, money and many more towards:

1. charity organization
2. the person in needs

We can find a lot of charity organization around us, either religious foundations or force-major foundations. These type of foundations usually being set up by a group of kind hearted people on their own free will to help those misfortune and also people who are in needs.

Usually at the beginning they will be operating using their own money and assets to establish their foundation. But after that government will also giving some budget for the chosen foundations so that it could operate smoothly and more in needs peoples can be saved, unless the foundation is established by a very rich people such as Bill Gates Foundation.

In Malaysia, we also have a lot of foundations created to help all in needs people with the same purpose which is charity. I myself had joined a foundation which is Yayasan Kasih Sayang Negeri Sembilan. In my experience, foundations need more voluntaries and man power to help them stay connected and informed on the society issues.

We can became a voluntary in any charity foundation that we are interested in to give contribution. Money is not the only things we can contribute, but our free time, power and kindness will become the main attraction.

In Yayasan Kasih Sayang Negeri Sembilan, we are focusing more on religious (islamic) charity. We provide shelter and the warm feeling as a family to whoever come for help in our foundation. We also help our clients to meet with all available government funds to help them in their daily life. The main focus are for the deeply in needs family such as low income family, poor students that want to further their study, shelter, counseling, providing knowledge on islam, class for everything regarding islam and also shelter for non-married single mother.

We are trying our best to help all people who are in our range and ability. As for that we are welcoming any donations and also voluntary for our foundation so that we can help more and more misfortune person and also improve our services. For any incury, please do contact:

Ofiice : Yayasan Kasih Sayang Negeri Sembilan
Address : No 22A, Taman Bukit Pilah Perdana, Jalan Angkasaria, 72000 Kuala Pilah, N.9
Tel No : 06-4810092

You can also refer to the foundation main blog for further information on the programs held and regarding who are we on