Thursday, January 14, 2010

Consumer Rights

We as a consumer sure facing a lot of problems during our daily purchase of either daily products, electrical products, transportation products or any others that we buy for our own purpose usage.

For products that we buy in regular shopping complex, we have the rights to know the content of the product, the ingredients, price and any other information regarding the products. This is to ensure we have sufficient information before purchasing the product.

But for purchasing online or via catalog that usually required us to order by post or online that we didn't see the actual product, problems usually occurred.

Examples of problems are:
1. Product is different from what stated in the advertising, catalog or website description.
2. The product is being sent late and not according on the date stated in the agreement.
3. There are unfair contract term that limited consumers right such as: any misdescribe products are not refundable.

We as consumers don't be cheated so easily by the irresponsible business person. We must know our rights as consumers. We can claim loss and repayment to the business, but if the business refuse to pay, we can forward our case to the CONSUMER TRIBUNAL (if the claim is below RM25,000), but if the claim is higher than RM25,000 we may bring the case to the civil court to protect our rights as consumer.

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