Friday, February 5, 2010

Think before you TALK!

Actually it is being controlled by our own simple and narrow minded. I feel so sad on behalf of my friend who always blame people and doesn't take positive on others opinion. Another factor that lead people to talk and write such nonsense is because of matured issues. Talking like a 12 years old boy while you are already 21 years old? What are you thinking? Until when you will behave like this?

Another matter is on rules and regulations that being set by others. Why is it so hard to follow the rules and regulations set? How are we going to success if we are still childish and always want people to feed us like a child. We will get angry if issues of bumiputra is on the line but do we really appreciate it if there aren't any issues? Have we gone mad?

To me life is simple. Just think and train yourself to become matured. Don't always think that you are always right. For the sake of yourself, think, think, think before you take any action as it will prevent you from become peoples enemy and damage yourself.

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