Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Learning Proses

I believe everybody in this small world is created to LEARN. The Quran first verse also clearly stated that we must read and to read is to learn. The knowledge around the world is totally unimaginable. Why do we learn? Is it because to score in examination? Or get better grade? That maybe one of the point but to achieve it we must strive for the best. To me learning only won't benefit us unless we are to practice it in our real world.

We said it isn't hard? For somebody like me it is like an imaginable action and I really didn't trust myself that I could do it. Can I do it? For me it is not the problem. I just know that after I graduated from IIUM, I will somehow somewhere learn to speak in Arabic and improve my Tilawah skills. It is very important as a Muslim of cause.

Actually, deep in my heart, I'm very afraid to face it. I don't believe myself. Before deciding to enter and become part of IIUM community, I think a lot, worrying for nothing. The more I think the scarier I am. I'm sure everybody is scared to the uncertainty, but my prayer is the one who lead me here. I believe everything happened has Hikmah and I will push myself to the best to achieve it.

Not everyone is very lucky like me to be accepted to enter IIUM although I don't want to. But, I won't waste this chance. I will grab it and pray for the best. To all, don't forget to always pray because that's the most powerful weapon in the world that only we MUSLIM have.

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