Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Report on Program

This is the design of shirt given to all the participants as main uniform of the program.

These are the other activities that will be held along the "We Hear, We Obey" Program.

Date :23th December 2009

Activity :YKSNS Family Bowling Tournament

Time :12.00pm - 11.30pm

Place :Core Bowl, Seremban Parade

But not only bowling games activity, on the same day we also have presentation for each team on certain topics that will be given earlier. The presentation will took place in Darul Ukhuwah, Seremban.

Date :20th,21th and 22th December 2009

Activity :Diciplins

Time :8.00am - 11.00pm

Place :Kompleks Masjid Tok Muar, Kuala Pilah

On the three days seminar, Sarjan Rosli will be organizing and giving training, lesson, LDK and other relevant programs to build positive personality on each of the participants of "We Hear, We Obey" Program.

Each day pass, more and more interesting activities had been held such as inviting "leaders" from either well known motivators, voluntaries to share knowledge and also their experiences. At night, usually we will have LDK activities to compete among teams and also movie shows.

A few days ago, in the middle of the night, we held a "Searching for Worriors" activity. This activity was held on 2.30am. Not all participants was involved because this activity needs you to be brave enough to bare the risk. The main purpose is for us as human being to not scared to others being and things but only obey and scared to our creator Allah S.W.T. Every participants ware tested to see if they pass the test to proceed to the next level. Only 2 participants passed the test and taken to the nearby graveyard. The quest is to find three white "Kemboja" flowers each who past the test and the result both the participants won and been rewarded the title "worrior" and RM50.00 each.

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