Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Working Days With Program

I had been involved completely in the "We Hear, We Obey program held by Yayasan Kasih Sayang Negeri Sembilan. In the program, I'm teaching in an hour English class every weekdays. On weekends i will be organizing some outdoor activities. While in the evening, sometime there will be marching activities to build discipline, teamwork and also obey leader orders. I am the trainer and I teaches the basic of marching to all the program participants.

This program will be held 40days straight in order to build self esteem and also spiritual consent. In these 40days, all participants will have to attend sharp in every "solat" perform in the mosque together. I'm attracted with the words said by YKSNS president which was "Nobody can say that every single thing that we do is either sincere or not. It's GOD job to rate us. But we must work hard for it. We must first use force and let the nature sincere came after that."

Last night, i received order from the president the create an activity by choosing 4 of the participant to present to everyone about themselves. But, there are several extra condition to all the audience, all audience must cooperate to disturbs the presentation without not letting the 4 presenters know about it. The conditions are:

1. For the 1st presenter: We must not listen to the presenter and chit-chat with other friends in the hall when the presenter started to present until the finished present.
2. For the 2nd presenter: Keep quiet and do not make any noise. Do our own jobs such as writing, reading and sleep. Don't listen to the presenter presentation at all.
3. For the 3rd presenter: We must listen to the presentation. But we will interrupt the presentation by asking question and making the presenter to repeat himself. We must make the presenter feel being interrupted by the audience.
4. For the 4th presenter: We must feel uneasy with the presentation. Feel it is the worst presentation ever and we can even throw paper at the presenter showing that we don't like the presentation.

After all 4 presenter had finished with their presentation, we gather them and ask how they feel. They answered that they feel disappointed, sad, angry, hate and all other negative feelings. This shows that every person don't like the feeling that when we are presenting in front of everyone but no one is listening and paying their attention.

Then, we conclude the activity by scolding them. It is to make them realize that all of these attitudes are being showed when all of us instructors and teachers are teaching in front feel. But we still endure it. This activity is to brain wash them and to let them think on themselves about what had they done wrong and the important of we react towards people feeling, not only thinking about selfishness.

The activity seems to have successes. All of the participants feel very sorry towards each other and shame on the behavior that they have showing up until now without realizing it. They had realize their mistake and promised to change. This is the 1st positive improvement that we can see in this program. We wrapped up the activity and having forgiving session between all participants.

I hope there will be lots more of moral value and also improvement to all the participants in the remaining 39days. I'm exciting to see the result of this program. I, myself hope that I can also changed and be a better Muslim and better person in the end of the program.

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