Saturday, December 5, 2009

"We Hear, We Obey" Program

I'm on my semester break this whole month. This is the only free time that i can get to contribute to Yayasan Kasih Sayang Negeri Sembilan, the charity foundation that i'm in to. For the past few days, i had become the English teacher teaching simple English grammar to all YKSNS hostel citizens which is also the participant for "We Hear, We Obey" Program. It was interesting meeting lots of people. Differ from other people, they are less fortune comparing to other ordinary people. Being with them bring a special joy feeling to me. I really hope that i can share my little knowledge with them. Other than my English class, the program also provide other classes that surely benefits all of the participant.

Classes are only on weekdays, and for weekends, we have outdoor activities such as today activities, i conducted a treasure hunt activity so that their time is not wasted with unappropriated wasting time activity such as sleeping etc. The activity is also to build self confident, improve team work, makes communications and relationship between staff and participants become closer.

Other than that, i'm on a program of bringing all of the participants and staff of YKSNS to a family day program. I'm now working for the activities and also raising fund to make the program more interesting. I'm planning to organize a bowling tournament for all of us and other activities to entertain everybody to relax their body and mind from the tension of work.

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