Sunday, January 3, 2010

25 days have passed and 15days remain! Good luck for all participants!

As far until today, I can see that there are a lot positive changes in terms of attitudes, discipline and also self appearance in each of the participants. They had showed a lot of improvement since the first day they stepped in the program. I'm unable to continue and stay with them due to my studies. My 3rd semester of studying will be beginning soon. I wish that all the participants can hold and and complete their training with the program "We Hear, We Obey" until the end of the period which will be on 18th January 2010. Best of luck to all and enjoy the program!

The input of the program:

1. Days with leader
Each certain days, there are leaders from any organization or other NGO's such as JIM, MIM, Jabatan Mufti, Majlis Agama Islam, government officers, PK MAINS and other individuals are visiting and participate to fulfill the schedule of 40days with all the participants.

I'm attracted with the activities of inviting other NGOs leaders to come and join the program. These not only shorten the gap between NGOs but also giving opportunities to build a good relationship between NGOs to provide better services to the society. For the participants, it is good for them to know the existence of others NGOs that also together providing better life and guidance for Muslim citizens in Negeri Sembilan.

2. Training modules
We also enhance and train the participants self confident to do public speaking and presentation about anything either in group or individually. The result is, there are two young talented MC's are born and all participants are competing with each other to be the best. This shows positive improvement in the participants.

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