Thursday, January 7, 2010

Solution for SPM's students on furthering studies!

Most of Malaysian students doesn't have enough information on their chances and places to further their studies after SPM. I will provide some guidance on the information and places that are available to further your studies.

UPU is also known as Universities for IPTA which is in government sector. We can apply either in diploma, foundation or degree in the universities available in Malaysia. The examples of universities are:

a. University Malaya (UM)
b. University Malaysia Sabah (UMS)
c. University Teknologi MARA (UITM)
d. University Utara Malaysia (UUM)
e. University Islam Antarabangsa (UIA)

There are some others government sector universities which I didn't mention above. Students that choose to further studies in government sector universities will either borrow loans for study from PTPTN or MARA. To register for these universities, you will have to buy the pin number in Bank Simpanan Nasional (BSN). You will have to login with your pin number at and fill in the form which university you are interested in with the suitable course. If you are qualified, you will have the approval letter send to your address together with the information on your studies.

IPTS stands for universities which is not under government such as below:
a. MMU
b. University Tunku Abdul Rahman
c. University Tun Hussien Onn
d. Lim Kok Weng
e. Sunway College
f. INTI College
g. Kolej Universiti Islam Selangor
h. Kolej Teknologi Mantin
i. Nilai College
j. PTPL College
k. And many mores..........
All these universities and colleges are profit based organization but it doesn't means that the quality is not good. Some peoples prefer IPTS because of the facilities. Well, it's all about money.

3. Matriks
Not everyone can get to matriks easily. Matriks are all over Malaysia and the courses are for preparation to further study in degree. To apply for matriks, it had already been announced in your school before SPM. Matriks study period is depend on your corurses either 1 year or 2 years and then you can further study for degree by applying again in IPTA or IPTS(as above information).

Many of Malaysian doesn't known the existence MARA part in furthering studies. There are many college and universities offer by MARA to provide knowledge and to keep Malaysian Students have their place to further studies after SPM. The colleges and univerities includes:

a. UniKL
i. BMI
ii. GMI
iii. MIMET

In UniKL, they offer MARA loan which can be converted to scholarship by achieving excellent grade while studies. UniKL offer studies both in diploma and also degree.

b. MARA Professional College
i. KPM Seri Iskandar
ii. KPM Bandar Penawar
iii. KPM Indera Mahkota
iv. KPM Melaka
v. KPM Beranang

In KPM, they offer full scolarship + allowance for all students while studying in the college. KPM offers studies in Higher National Diploma (HND) and also Diploma.

c. GIAT Mara
d. Institusi Kemahiran Mara
e. Kolej Mara

To apply for these types of colleges and universities, you can get the entry and information booklets sold in any MARA office. Fill in the forms and follow all the instructions to apply.

That's the little knowledge to share with all. Just please don't give up on your studies because there are a lot of places to further our studies nowdays. I will always provide any assistance that I can help. Thanks for reading.

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