Saturday, January 9, 2010

Financial Freedom??? MONEY!!! How to get?

I guest everybody in earth wants to have freedom in financial. Its mean freedom to spend everything and anything we like to. But not everybody be able reach that point.I had followed a program which called "Personal Financial Intelligence" which teach us about money. Realizing it or not actually our parents send us to school but in school they never taught us about any subject regarding money and how to generate money.

First of all we need to know what is the word "money" means. Is is "EVIL"? Or is it "SLAVE"? Or is it our "FRIEND"? What is your answer? Actually each of the answers are wrong. Money actually is an IDEA!!! Money will guides us to have more and more idea to generate more and more money. Actually you can even startup a business with capital of RM1.00 and generate it to RM1million. I give you an example:
  • With the RM1.00 you buy 5pieces of erasers cost RM0.20 each. Then you sold it to others with RM0.40 each. You will double your money to RM2.00. Then with the RM2.00 you buy 10 pieces of pencils cost RM0.20 each and sold it at the price of RM0.40 or more each, you will double again your money in no time. Keeps it continue and surely your RM1.00 will turn to RM1million or more.
The above is just an example. But what I was mentioning about is the "CASH FLOW" that you have. Owned properties that will generate cash flow.If you manage well your cash flow by turning and maintaining it to do business transaction into more and more profitable business activities you will surely reach the point where you are financial freedom. You can spend as much as you want as long as your cash flow is good and remember to enhance your business step by step higher to keep getting more and more cash flow.

There are lots of interesting games that played quite similar to monopoly but even more focused on real life situation such as "CATUR BESTARI" (you can found it in KFC) and also "CASH FLOW". Both this games will makes us think and learn on the real life situation and guide us through the process of reaching FINANCIAL FREEDOM.

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  1. Good points on financial freedom. Most people are looking for the latest ideas to achieve financial freedom. This is really helpful. A better financial freedom will change our lifestyles and i think it will lead to better future as well.


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