Friday, October 22, 2010

For All

It will be easier if we go together,
will be easier if we understand each other,
will be easier if we help each other,
and will always be easier if we are together!

Sometimes things don't turn out the way we want,
things won't go as we had planned,
things are hard to say through words,
and all i want is for you to understand.

Time passed by as we forget,
going and going without waiting for us,
it is better to realize earlier,
and better if we are not too late.

It will be good if everything is good,
just to know we are the best,
it will lead us to the best,
for the good of what we had with us.

It is good if you hate me,
but hate me when we finish the job,
just to know that it goes smooth,
that's all that i want for me and you.

Let this be the one,
the one that we are proud of,
the one that we work for,
and will be the one that unite us!

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