Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Together We Smile, Together We Success!!

Together Forever
Story begin in the early semester where we are combined together to form the class of HND4C. And so, the story begin with lots of joys, tears and fun.

The election of Abid as our class representative to support us in every aspect. Also known as the sleeping king but sure have lots of ideas in answering each of the questions asked by lecturers. Living with both Syed and Farid bringing more joys to the class. Both of them have the most outstanding issues to be discussed everyday by the class which are Head and Nose. ^^

Next is Faiz and Amir which are my house mates that adding the values as a friends to the class. Always bringing more ideas and creating something for all of us to talk about.
Prank B'day Bayau
Dayah and Pika are two best friends which have a loud voice when laughing. They are always together and wherever you are, you will surely recognize their voices and the word "Penin"!

Raya Celebration
The other Kedahian is Ija. A small shaped body but her voice can reach the whole KPM itself. She is unable to be with us on weekends as she have other commitment in Sepang? I think so... Following her is Ainna, the driver! yeay~ Have a new name which is Twin Head. She is known as the best student in our course as she scored every time in tests and assignments.

The Lady D - Dayana and Diyana also known as the MokMok Duo. Always together chit-chatting around in whatever situation. Very open minded and willing to give the best and sharing with others. Following up is Farhah and Jannah. Although they are a little bit quiet in the class but it doesn't matter. All it needs is their existence as one of our members and without them, our class won't be complete!

During classes
Izzati is very popular with her eyes. In every picture that we took, she will sure be the most outstanding among all! Of course with her style! Finally it's the small me that becoming part of the HND 4C family and I Love it + glade to become one of them.

Sunset Together
In the past few months, lots of joys and tears we had all gone through together. Everything we do, we go as a team! The most precious moment is the time we all spend together. I had never feel the same in the previous class before and it is definitely the best class ever. Time had been going on, we are all about to leave the college in just 3-4 weeks. I will definitely miss all the moment we had spend together with lots of memories.

At Diyana's place
I will surely miss all the moments we had spend together and let us all fight until the end for the best of us! May all our memories be with us, not only in college but also forever as a family and also best friends. From me, I pray for all of us to success in whatever we are doing. Remember, together we smile, together we success.


  1. waaaaaaaaaa....bez2
    klu da abis, bce ni mst cedey

  2. best sgt2...terharu lor!!!

  3. asyik teringat jer kenangan kt kolej..huhuhu


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