Thursday, January 7, 2010

Technology: Computer and Notebook

Each of us nowdays have our own laptop or desktop, some even have more then one. But while we are using these types of technology that will surely increase our lifestyle, do we know about the information of the products? The price? The solution of every problems occur? Let us share some opinions together.

First of all regarding software, the top problems are always regarding formatting our computers. Virus always destroy our files and systems in our computer making it unusable and slowing down the performance of our computers. As for that formatting is the easiest solution. But how many of us know about the techniques to format and installing new windows and software to computers? Actually it is very easy to learn, just need to practice some simple steps and you can format your own computers without paying any money. But if you are lack of the knowledge and skills, you will just ending up paying more to the service shops and sometimes being cheated on the simple problems on your computers. These will make you pay money without realizing that you are being cheated.

Second is regarding to hardware. Servicing our computers and changing any hardwares that are unusable is not an easy jobs. We have to learn and masters a lot of skills before doing it on our own. But what I really want to share is by lacking on knowledge, we will still end up being cheated by some irresponsible service shops that charge high amount of money on some simple services done sometimes without even changing any hardware!

If you require any assistance, please do email me at and I will try my best to assist you. For those who are living in Seremban, Negeri Sembilan, I can provide reasonable services to your computers that are required to do so by charging minimum amount of payments.

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